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The Original Color Therapy Glasses

Colour Therapy

als gezielte Nutzung naturgegebener Energien

Life Nutrition Light and Color

It is common knowledge that the “white” light of the sun is composed of single spectrum colors from red to violet!

The eyes are one of our most important sense organs. More than 80% of all sense perceptions reach our brain and our body via our eyes. We receive light daily, which means we also receive color in even color parts through our eyes into our organism. That is, if we are not constantly exposed to artificial light with imbalanced colour spectrums.

In the winter months we experience how much more our body and brain are dependant on the available light or color supply when we see very little or no natural sunlight, because of the shorter days (earlier sunsets).

A balanced color-household plays an important part in our health condition. A shortage of light and color leads to a disturbed equilibrium and weakens our immune system. Therefore we get sick more often.

With PRiSMA-LIGHT color glasses one can supply the organism very precisely with the respective color it needs at any time to equalize a disturbed vibration household and to harmonize itself. One can provide her/his endocrine system with specific doses of the necessary color energies to fill up on strength and energy to feel better again and to achieve an optimum level of being. Colors are employed in different areas: medicine, sport as well as in daily life through nutrition (food), clothing, etc.

As a rule a single color should only be worn over the eyes for approximately 15 to 60 minutes at a time because of its speed of influencing the body. It is possible to wear the glasses longer, specifically when the color feels pleasant. Red should only be worn for approximately 10 minutes as it can be overstimulating to the whole.

The 100% UVA- and UVB-filter makes the PRiSMA® LIGHT GLASSES excellent sport glasses (yellow and orange), because of their sight improvement and contrast heightened effect. Blue serves for relaxation before and after competitions and relaxes tired muscles.

Apart from yellow, these glasses may not be worn when driving!


Protect your eyesight...

PC screens are not as harmless as one would think.

Flaring frequencies, which are hardly perceivable by the naked eye and proportions of radiation, impede our vision and are probably harmful to our eyes. Especially TFT flatscreens radiate mercury frequencies containing a high proportion of blue light. The increased proportion of blue light does not only make vision more difficult but also shows a damaging effect on metabolic processes in cell experiments.

An employed person can easily be exposed to 3,000 hours or more of mercury light radiation per year.
Therefore: protect your eyesight with this Computer Protection Glasses from PRiSMA®!

More informations to PRiSMA® office glasses under http://www.bluelightprotect.com

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